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Why Learn Golang: Four Reasons To Choose Golang

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Why Learn Golang?Go is the open source programming language apparently the true modern language created by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson, 3 engineers in 2007 at Google. Go is the advent of threading, multi-core CPU’s as well as increased demand for good concurrency.

Why Learn Golang: Reasons

Go programming language is designed for building a bridge as a gap between the higher level languages such as Python, Ruby and low-level languages like C based languages. Normally, lower level languages offer substantially higher performance, code management, coding as well as testing. When using the higher level languages, it is quite easier to use which becomes the major attraction. The following will answer for Why Learn Golang?  Go has wide attractive features that include

  • Readable and productive syntax
  • Built-in concurrency
  • Fast compilation times
  • Static typing

Go programming language enables the faster debugging, testing, as well as building tools. Golang is considered as one of the fastest open-source backed up by a larger corporation and most of the people like to use this technique for ultimate usage and application development. Here is the list of top 4 reasons to choose the Golang for the web application

Faster Compiling Time:

Go has the ultimate way of building efficiency with its speed. Even though there is no need to compile the entire Go program, it is easier to simply ‘go run’ when they are required. Go is the finest option for low-level programmers running based on the C/C++-based technology. Go’s designers could easily address the upfront and get higher benefits that include

  • Generates assembly code fast
  • Expressive and lightweight system
  • Optimizer easily works on assembly code
  • Compiler can generate the instructions based on binary instead of text

Golang is speed based compiled language and it is much more convenient to write the code faster in the most rapid feedback style. Saving time and money with the Speedy development of the application is convenient.

Simple And Effective Tools:

go build :

The command allows the developer to easily compile the program to executable, single, and binary without additional files. go build command simply used for many different applications to improve efficiency and build simple programs with serving the specific functions.

go fmt :

The ‘go fmt’ command formats the complete package source files based on the idiomatic Go-fashion. This command is downright efficient and awesome so that it would be quite easier for handling.

go run :

The ‘go run’ command is the simple quick web server and adding few lines of code in main server functions enables you to run the program.

Complete Concurrency:

Go brings you a better concurrency based on ‘goroutines’ as well as channels. Go is used for the parallel programming and it is not a foolproof. Developers mostly adopt the Golang with built-in concurrency and it is continuously lightweight threads managed by Go runtime. Go concurrency helps you to handle the static execution speed for the C or C++.

Higher Cross-Platform Support:

Golang has been created based on the multiple platforms so that they are plenty of built-in language features. Different platforms helpful for improving the complete ability to solve the complete solution.

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